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If you have employees, you have issues. With SBG, you have options.

Invest in your team to improve productivity
and morale.

From handbooks to hand-holding, if it’s related to your employees, SBG can
handle it.

Get a fresh perspective on what’s available for your team.

Why SBG Midwest?

It’s not a great idea to ask your landscaper to do your taxes, right? Or, how about having the cook at your favorite restaurant check on that funny noise coming from under the hood of your car?

Human resources is serious business, and what you don’t know can hurt you. Fines and penalties for making mistakes are on the rise. SBG Midwest was created to take the guesswork out of managing employees. If you’re a small business owner, office manager, supervisor, or anyone else playing the role of “HR Director” at your place of business, SBG can help. Keeping up on all of the changes in today’s world is a full-time job, a job you are likely not prepared for and don’t enjoy. Let SBG Midwest take this off your plate.

SBG’s services range from a one-time human resources evaluation, to special projects like employee training and handbook review, to providing HR assistance on an ongoing basis. SBG offers solutions to fit every business, no matter what size or industry. Check out the available services by clicking on one of the four main areas in the colored boxes above. There’s no fee to call and discuss if a relationship with SBG Midwest is right for you and your business.

SBG Midwest is your resource for human resources.


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