Special Projects

Writing Employee Handbooks

Not enough hours in the day? Not enough HR experience to even know where to begin? Let SBG Midwest help.

Special projects covers just about anything that relates to employees and human resources. You don’t have to have an existing relationship with SBG Midwest to call on their HR professionals for a one-time special project. From researching complex employee issues such as terminations to providing advice on exempt versus non-exempt status, calling on SBG Midwest takes the guesswork out of difficult, and potentially damaging, HR decisions. Some examples of how businesses have used SBG Midwest to help on a one-time basis include:

Employee Handbooks

Has it been a while since you've reviewed your employee handbook? Do you even know where it is? Maybe you don't even have a handbook.

SBG Midwest can write or revise your company’s employee handbook. You will have a current and compliant document that is useful for your employees and also helps protect your company. Do you really want to tackle this on your own?



Employee Relations

Are you unsure how or if you should discipline an employee? Do you have an unusual or difficult employee issue? SBG Midwest can give you sound advice regarding best practices surrounding employee relations. This is a huge area of potential liability. You don’t need to tackle this on your own.



Specialized or Concentrated Audits

Internal audits are often a necessity, but they are frequently put off or never completed at all. Clients have called on SBG Midwest to come in-house and conduct audits on important HR functions such as I-9 documentation or employee job classifications.